Glenn's by Mayfair Games 2010 Edition Gallery nnmlec201-Contemporary Manufacture

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Glenn's by Mayfair Games 2010 Edition Gallery nnmlec201-Contemporary Manufacture

The Data Protection sector has experienced widespread change of regulatory and technology developments, particularly over the last 12 months following the enforcement of GDPR.Land Rover Defender Camel Trophy 1989 Team Italia Siccardi Busch 1 87 BUS50371 M GDPR celebrates its one year anniversary tomorrow, May the 25th 2018. The DPO 200, sponsored by OneTrust, in association with the GDPR Institut, recognises and celebrates individuals who have made significant […]

Glenn's Gallery by Mayfair Games 2010 Edition

By Rene Hendrikse, MD EMEA at Mitek Fake profiles have sadly become endemic to the social media experience. Strategy Tactics Nr 92 Iwo Jima Game Unpunched Dragon Publishing Spring 1983Whether a Facebook friend request from a profile that ends up tagging you in scam advertisements for sunglasses, an Instagram profile that sends relentless direct messages, or a Twitter bot that spurts inflammatory hate, fake profiles are everywhere […]

Compass Wargame Brezhnev's War - NATO vs. The Warsaw Pact in Germany, 19 Box SW

Two vulnerabilities in Nexus Repository has exposed thousands of private artifacts across a range of industries. 2002 ACTION DALE EARNHARDT,JR .- BUDWEISER - 1 24TH SCALE According to a blog post by Daniel Shapira researcher from Twistlock Labs, the Nexus Repository allowed for unauthenticated access to an open registry whereby anyone could grab any resource from the repository without authentication.  The blog post explains a […]

At the G20 summit, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed the launch of the “Osaka Track”. The initiative seeks to promote cross-border data flow with enhanced protections for personal information, intellectual property and cybersecurity.  The Osaka Track follows Abe’s “Data Free Flow with Trust”, a concept that calls for the creation of international regulations which will […]

Family Laser Tag Set - 4 Blasters And 1 Target Robot Bug Transparent Special

Glenn's by Mayfair Games 2010 Edition Gallery nnmlec201-Contemporary Manufacture

In a new report by Sectigo, all banks in North America and Europe use some form of SSL certificates, however many still leave customers vulnerable to phishing scams. 15mm Seven Years War painted British Grenadier SYWBr02 In the Secure Impressions: Online Banking Study, it was found that 40% of banks in North America and 25% of banks in Europe did not receive the […]

Williams NW-2 Scale Diesel w Sound - Boston & Maine NEW - SALE

A new study has painted the cyber-security integrity of counties in the east of England in a worrying light. The report, conducted by Ipswich office of financial advisers, Grant Thornton, has concluded that companies in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex are not taking cyber-security seriously enough, and are therefore more vulnerable to cyber-attack. Over 50% of […]

 Lionel 6-52047 Cottonbelt Woodside TTOS Caboose NIB 1994 CAL-STEWART CONVENTIONA new police department set up in Lancashire is helping the region’s police forces to tackle cyber-crime more effectively. The newly launched Digital Investigations and Forensics Department cost £2.7 million to develop and sits within Lancashire Police’s HQ in Hutton. It employs a number of cyber-crime experts and a range of new technologies designed to […]


Georgia’s Judicial Council and Administrative Office of the Courts have been hit by a ransomware attack. Confirmed by the Administrative Office of the Courts spokesman Bruce Shaw to Atlanta’s Channel 11 News, not all systems have been impacted, however all systems that are connected to the network have been taken offline to prevent the ransomware […]

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest came within a few beats of falling victim to a major cyber-attack, reports reveal. As millions tuned in to the iconic competition hosted this year in Tel Aviv, hackers were trying to break into the organiser’s IT broadcast network with the aim of inserting a “terror” video clip into pictures […]Lion CAR DAF frontstuur Mulder EXCELLENT RARE RARE RARO

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PVC Personage Dungeons & Dragons Maia+Borges 1986 02 Young Wizard

Somerville, Massachusetts has become the second city in the US to ban the use of facial recognition technology.  The “Face Surveillance Full Ban Ordinance” passed Thursday night by Somerville’s City Council, bans the use of facial recognition software in public spaces by any agency, department, bureau and/or subordinate division of the City of Somerville. The […]

A mobile application for the Cirque du Soleil show Toruk – The First Flight, made audience members’ devices vulnerable to an attack.  1 24 ACTION 2018 M&M'S FLAVOR VOTE RICHMOND RACE WINNER KYLE BUSCH 1 637 NIBThe mobile app had been designed to enhance audience’s experiences, however according to Lukáš Štefanko, a security researcher at ESET, the app had contained many security vulnerabilities.  When the app is running, a […]