Nose Reshaping Surgery – Before & After Treatment

The face is the representation of a person’s beauty; the first impression that anyone forms is formed simply by looking at how a person appears and if the face, specifically the nose is not attractive or in good shape and one may run the risk of looking bad. In a competitive world that the current times have witnessed, people find it increasingly important to have the perfect face so that the opportunities that careers and professions hold, open up to them. This is also one reason why the rhinoplasty surgery has gained extreme popularity and more and more people in the urban world opt for the surgery. A rhinoplasty is the surgery of the nose that is done to re-shape the nose and bring it to a more defined and presentable form. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed before and after the surgery that are necessary for a successful result of the surgical procedure.




When one opts for a surgery for re-shaping the nose, it is important to let the practicing surgeon know if the patient is on any kind of a medication, this is important because the patient may have to discontinue taking certain medicines before and after the surgery as directed by the doctor. The healing process gets hindered by smoking, which is why it is essential to stop smoking a few days prior to the surgery up until the nose heals, the exact duration for the break should be confirmed with the doctor who is to perform the nose plastic surgery. It is important to take in liquids and soft foods after the surgery, which means that one may have to stock up on drinks and foods that are compatible with the surgery. Finally it is important to make sure that the shape of the nose that a patient wants post-surgery is clearly indicated and communicated to the surgeon, the surgery has permanent implications, which is why it is important to keep transparency in communication.

When all the necessary instructions and precautions given by the doctor are followed and clarity in the process is maintained, one may be able to get the most satisfying and fulfilling results out of the surgery.

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